About You

About You

Services: For Individuals | For Couples/Relationships |  For Artists & Creative People

I enjoy working with a diverse range of people who are dealing with a broad spectrum of life experiences.  These include:

Relationship issues:

  • dating and relationships (including non-traditional relationship structures)
  • sexuality and intimacy (including BDSM/power play/kink)
  • communicating needs and desires
  • old patterns and difficulties that arise in relationships

Emotional and behavioural obstacles:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • alcohol and substance use concerns
  • addiction (food, sex and love, pornography, etc.)
  • eating disorders and body image issues
  • current and past family issues
  • trauma and abuse

Self-esteem and personal growth:

  • learn practices to increase self-esteem, self-love and confidence
  • learn effective communication skills
  • personal development and spiritual exploration

Life transitions:

  • work or career issues
  • new relationships or marriage
  • relationships ending, separation or divorce
  • grief and loss
  • parenthood
  • blending families
  • cross-cultural issues